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Copper Eagle Weather Vane in 23k Gold Leaf
23k Gold Leaf Eagle

In 1792 the Bald Eagle was adopted as the symbol of courage and sovereignty for our new American nation. As an important part of the classic revival of that period, it appealed to artists as a fine decorative element for all media. "The eagle was the most popular patriotic motif in an era when federal symbols were so common that the prevailing style was called federal design", wrote Myrna Kaye in "Yankee Weathervanes." Our Full-bodied Eagle (below left) , which is available in many sizes, echoes the one developed by Alvin Jewell of Waltham, MA in the 1860's - valiant and proud.

Our Federal Eagle (below right) is representative of eagle designs popular after the Revolutionary period until the mid-nineteenth century - fierce and protective. It is a reproduction of a weather vane made in Boston, MA in 1850.

{short description of image}Eagle Weather Vane{short description of image}

E18 - Eagle - Full-bodied 18"w x 12"h - $1,038
E21 - Eagle - Full-bodied 21"w x 14"h - $1,227
E24 - Eagle - Full-bodied 24"w x 16"h - $1,227
E27 - Eagle - Full-bodied 27"w x 18"h - $1,478
E30 - Eagle - Full-bodied 30"w x 20"h - $1,617
E36 - Eagle - Full-bodied 36"w x 24"h - $2,245
E48 - Eagle - Full-bodied 48"w x 34"h - $4,305
E60 - Eagle - Full-bodied 60" wingspan - $7,994
E72 - Eagle - Full-bodied 72" wingspan - $8,826

NOTE: For all eagles, "w"=wingspan and also length of arrow
Complete weathervane will stand about 3 - 6' above roof

Larger sizes available
please call (870) 436-3974

Federal Eagle Weather Vane
ITEM: FE24 Federal Eagle Weathervane
Ornament is 24" long x 14" high
Complete weathervane will stand about 3 - 3 1/2' above roof
$1,241 complete

E24 Full-bodied Eagle Weather with the addition of a Q24 Quill
In a unique customization, at a lawyer's request, we added a Q24 Quill to this E24 Eagle Weather Vane.
We also carry Flag Pole Eagles

Order a Weather Vane

Each Weather Vane includes your choice of either:

With NSEW Directionals
Denninger Westervelt Banner with NSEW Directionals
  • Copper and brass weathervane ornament
  • Pair of copper globes
  • Cast brass NSEW directionals
  • Solid stainless steel rod painted black (or to upgrade to a brass sleeve covering add $75)
This is the traditional and most popular set-up for weather vanes.
With a Large Globe
Denninger Westervelt Banner Weather Vane with Globe
  • Copper and brass weathervane ornament
  • One large impressive copper globe
  • Solid stainless steel rod painted black (or to upgrade to a brass sleeve covering add $75)

This style was popular from the 1700's right up to the Victorian era, and is also very striking with contemporary vanes.

Each Weather Vane comes with a standard stainless steel rod suitable for Mounting Diagram A or B:

Mounting Diagram #1
Diagram A - Headblock only

Traditional mounting of a weather vane into the solid headblock of a cupola, tower, turret or gazebo, or into the ridgepole of a roof.

This is the "old fashioned" traditional way of mounting a weather vane. It is still suitable today for smaller vanes up to 36" wide. Our basic 28 1/2" rod allows for at least 8" - 9" of rod to be wedged and caulked into a solid headblock or ridgepole, and 16" - 20" of rod exposed above the apex of roof.

Mounting Diagram #4
Diagram B - Headblock & Brace

A preferred traditional mount into the solid headblock of a cupola, tower, turret or gazebo, or into the ridgepole of a roof using a brace for extra strength.

Prepare your roof ahead with this headblock and brace system, for an easy and very secure mount. This mount is suitable for any size weather vane. Our basic 28 1/2" rod allows for at least 8" - 9"of rod inside the roof, and 16" - 20" of rod exposed above the apex of the roof. A nail is used to pin the rod to the brace. Larger sized vanes will need proportionally heavier and longer rods.

Installation may vary with each building.
It is very important to us that you are able to properly mount your weathervane
so you can enjoy it for generations to come.
Please contact us for mounting advice before you order - 870-204-4791
See our Mounting Diagrams for even more options.


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Of course, we can modify anything
(yes anything) including: size, shape etc.
Just consider it a custom design.
Call Al or Beth at 870-204-4791


Shipped in the USA and Worldwide via UPS or best way.
Your shipping costs will only be the actual carrier charges,determined upon size and weight of packed carton(s).
Largest sizes may require a wooden crate, and item will be sent via Truck.
Call for delivery schedule - each item is individually handcrafted for you.

We use recycled and repurposed packing materials whenever possible.
Save the Earth - Recycle

Order a Weather Vane

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