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Copper Flagpole Ornaments

Made in the U.S.A.

Hand Hammered Flagpole Eagle Ornament Finished in 23k Gold Leaf
23k Gold Leaf Flagpole Eagle

Hand Hammered Copper Flagpole Eagles

FPE60 Flag Pole Eagle
FPE 48 - with 48" wingspan

Hand Hammered Copper Eagle Flagpole Ornament 60" Wingspan
FPE 60 - 60" wingspan

Hand Hammered Copper Eagle Flagpole Ornament 15" Wingspan
FPE15 - 15" wingspan

A noble hand hammered, full-bodied copper eagle standing on a ball, with a threaded stainless steel rod to mount into a flag pole cap or other application.

FPE 12 (12" w) $660
FPE 15 (15" w) $660
FPE 18 (18" w) $884
FPE 24 (24" w) $1,127
FPE 27 (27"w) $1,351
FPE 30 (30" w) $1,410
FPE 36 (36" w) $2,120
FPE 48 (48' w) $3,800
FPE 60 (60" w) $6,180
FPE 72 (72" w) $7,860

NOTE: "w"=wingspan
Gilding=23k XX (double weight) Exterior Gold Leaf
Call for current quote

Custom Flagpole Ornaments

Denninger Custom Flagpole Ornament Masonic Square & Compasses and Lodge Number Finished in 23k Gold leaf

Custom Masonic Flagpole Ornament in copper & brass, finished with 23k gold leaf.
Crafted for Sampson Lodge No. 298 AF&AM, Theodosia, MO.


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Verdigris or Black
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23k Gold Leaf
Of course, we can modify anything (yes, anything) including: size, shape etc. Just consider it a custom design.
Call Al or Beth at 870-204-4791


Shipped in the USA and Worldwide via UPS or best way.
Your shipping costs will only be the actual carrier charges,determined upon size and weight of packed carton(s).
Largest sizes may require a wooden crate, and item will be sent via Truck.
Call for delivery schedule - each item is individually handcrafted for you.

We use recycled and repurposed packing materials whenever possible.
Save the Earth - Recycle

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