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A note from your librarian, Beth...

We have advanced from "trivia" in the 70's to being "information junkies" in the cyberage. As if you don't already have enough neat stuff to read, here's our extensive bibliography of books and periodicals on the subject of weather vanes. Some of them we have researched in libraries and museums; some have been referenced by other authors; and some we are pleased to have in our collection.

Some of the entries are classics in the world of weather vanes, in particular Myrna Kaye's writings. Others are nice because of their great photography, like Heritage Above by Marcia Burnell. Most of them are wonderful because they also teach us so much about the history of metalworking and design. Just imagine...if you're doing a book report, here's all you ever needed to know about vanes, but didn't know where to look!

It's like a treasure hunt to catalog and update this list. If you know of any references we've missed, email your submission to us. We will include it and give you credit on this page. Thanks for being part of THE WEATHER VANE HOME PAGE.

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