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Rockland Finial

The Rockland Finial was inspired by an antique finial on a handsome turn-of-the-last-century
home we found in Rockland County, NY. Similar designs were mass produced in cast iron and painted.
We make ours - forged by hand - one at a time in pure copper with brass accents so it will never rust.

24" high $1,000
36" high $1,200
(+ cap)

Rockland Finial with Stars or Fireworks Finial

We have had a lot of fun over the years watching the Rockland Finial evolve.
With the interest of our customers, we have created the Stars/Fireworks Finial (above)
and the Blossom/Flower bouquet Finial (shown below with detail).
The stars look exceptionally bright when they are gilded (see options below).

Denninger Rockland Finial with Flower Blossoms{short description of image}Rockland Finial - Flower Blossom Detail

Caps for Finials

Choose a cap to go with your finial.

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Points & Flames
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23k Gold Leaf
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Copper roof caps

Denninger Finials are created one-at-a-time.
We are able to customize our designs to reflect each customer's individuality.

Each Denninger Finial
is an important piece of sculpture
and is handmade, signed and dated
by the artist Alfred H. Denninger.

Finial Mounting:

Go to our mounting page and look at Diagrams # 3b, 6 & 7


Shipped in the USA and Worldwide via UPS or best way.
Your shipping costs will only be the actual carrier charges,determined upon size and weight of packed carton(s).
Largest sizes may require a wooden crate, and item will be sent via Truck.
Call for delivery schedule - each item is individually handcrafted for you.

We use recycled and repurposed packing materials whenever possible.
Save the Earth - Recycle

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