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Denninger Transition Pieces for Weathervanes

Embellish your weather vane with a decorative base called a transition piece.
We have found that these transition pieces are especially appropriate on dome roof,
to give a more substantial appearance. A transition piece also looks terrific on a tower,
turret or gazebo, adding that "finished " look.

Denninger Wren Weathervane with "D" Transition Piece
Denninger Wren Pennant with a "D" Transition Piece

Denninger Transition Piece "A"
8 1/2" tall, w/ 6" dia. globe, 5" dia. at base
Denninger Transition Piece "B"
10" tall, 11"dia. at base
(shown with 6" globe above
not included)
Denninger Transition Piece "C"
16" tall w/4"dia. globe, 6" dia in middle, 13" wide octagon base
Denninger Transition Piece "D"
34" tall w/6"dia. globe, 10" dia. in middle, 17" wide octagon base

Text List of Denninger Transition Pieces for Weathervanes:


Shipped in the USA and Worldwide via UPS or best way.
Your shipping costs will only be the actual carrier charges,determined upon size and weight of packed carton(s).
Largest sizes may require a wooden crate, and item will be sent via Truck.
Call for delivery schedule - each item is individually handcrafted for you.

We use recycled and repurposed packing materials whenever possible.
Save the Earth - Recycle

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