DenningerCustom Silhouette Weather Vanes

Denninger offers Silhouette Weather Vanes in any design you can imagine.
Past commissions have included: a 5' Pig; wildlife such as a Tiger, a Heron and a Timber Wolf;
a Phoenix for the owners of a California house which was "raised from the ashes"; and a good ol' Mule.
The proud, alert stance of "man's best friend" makes a dog the perfect subject for a weather vane,
and we have crafted a Beagle, a Bedlington Terrier, an English Setter and a Papillon, among others.
Every handcrafted vane is signed and dated by A. H. Denninger,
one of America's foremost blacksmith/weather vane makers.

Sizes range from:

The prices for these sizes range from about $550 - $1,500.

Extra-large sizes (such as the Tiger) and more detailed ornaments (like the Witch) will be priced accordingly.

Mule On Arrow Weather vane

Mule Small size

Our customer wanted to surprise her brother-in-law with a Mule weather vane for his birthday.
First she had to snitch a piece of his stationery from his desk,
so we could use the drawing on the letterhead for the pattern!


Beagle Medium size

From our customers in New City, NY, "Now Monty, the Beagle, will really rule the roost; he bosses everyone around as is, including our huge Labrador."

Choccoloco Chief

English Setter Large size

This weather vane of "Choccolocco Chief", a champion English Setter, was taken from a show photograph.

Big Pig

Pig Extra large size

The whopping 5' aluminum Pig weather vane was made for the Child Care Center at Ortho Pharmaceutical in Somerset, NJ.

Witch Cat Moon Custom Denninger Silhouette Weather Vane

Halloween Witch 30" long

Here's a fun example of one of our silhouette weather vanes. Mrs. Ochman, born on Halloween, wanted a weather vane for her gazebo that would combine a cat and a moon, along with the traditional "witch on a broom". Beth faxed a drawing for her approval, and after a few more phone calls and sketches they came up with this Halloween Witch weather vane. The witch actually has a "sweet grandmotherly" face, as Mrs. Ochman requested!

What can we design for you?


Each Denninger Weather Vane includes
your choice of either:

With NSEW Directionals
Denninger Westervelt Banner with NSEW Directionals
  • Copper and brass weathervane ornament
  • Pair of copper globes
  • Cast brass NSEW directionals
  • Solid brass and stainless steel rod.
This is the traditional and most popular set-up for weather vanes.
With a Large Globe
Denninger Westervelt Banner Weather Vane with Globe
  • Copper and brass weathervane ornament
  • One large impressive copper globe
  • Solid brass and stainless steel rod

This style was popular from the 1700's right up to the Victorian era, and is also very striking with contemporary vanes.

Installation may vary with each building. It is very important to us that you are able to properly mount your weathervane so you can enjoy it for many years to come; so please contact us for advice before you order.
See our Mounting Diagrams for more options.

Each Weather Vane comes with a solid brass rod suitable for Mounting Diagram A or B
Mounting Diagram #1
Diagram A - Headblock only
(Old Diagram #1)
Traditional mounting of a weather vane into the solid headblock of a cupola, tower, turret or gazebo, or into the ridgepole of a roof.

This is the "old fashioned" traditional way of mounting a weather vane. It is still suitable today for smaller vanes up to 36" wide. Our basic 28 1/2" rod allows for at least 8" - 9" of rod to be wedged and caulked into a solid headblock or ridgepole, and 16" - 20" of rod exposed above the apex of roof.

Mounting Diagram #4
Diagram B - Headblock & Brace
(Old Diagram #4)
A preferred traditional mount into the solid headblock of a cupola, tower, turret or gazebo, or into the ridgepole of a roof using a brace for extra strength.

Prepare your roof ahead with this headblock and brace system, for an easy and very secure mount. This mount is suitable for any size weather vane. Our basic 28 1/2" brass rod allows for at least 8" - 9"of rod inside the roof, and 16" - 20" of rod exposed above the apex of the roof. A nail is used to pin the rod to the brace. Larger sized vanes will need proportionally heavier and longer rods.


Shipped in the USA and Worldwide via UPS or best way.
Your shipping costs will only be the actual carrier charges,determined upon size and weight of packed carton(s).
Largest sizes may require a wooden crate, and item will be sent via Truck.
Call for delivery schedule - each item is individually handcrafted for you.

We use recycled and repurposed packing materials whenever possible.
Save the Earth - Recycle

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