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I don't remember where I was born - But I do remember the day the Al & Beth came to the North Shore Animal League shelter. They selected me over of all of the other puppies there. I really lucked out for a city kid to end up going to the country, to a big place with lots of lawn and woods all around.

My 1st day at home...

I was a wonderful and very cute puppy... Here we are the first day I arrived at my new home.

I am a Weimeraner/Black Labrador cross. Beth calls me a "Weimador". I got my name because when they brought me home I seemed to know what was going to happen before Beth and Al did, so they called me Radar for Radar O'Reilly (from the TV show M*A*S*H). Anyway it couldn't have been a better name - I really am the sentry of the family. I am always checking outside to see if someone has arrived. I make sure I bark real loud so everyone can hear...

Radar Playing ball

Here I am at 10 -11 weeks old. I really took to playing ball right away - I still love it indoors or out. Uncle Randy keeps me well supplied with tennis balls that have lost their "oomph".

Radar with a rawhide bone

Then I got a little bigger... I really loved rawhide bones.

My day starts with a quick check to see if my friends the Deer or maybe the Squirrels are out back. Then, after breakfast, I pretty much hang around the office or I may find a comfortable spot on the couch to sleep. I can see the lake through those big windows, and in the cool weather lie in the sun. I love to hang out with Al when he answers emails in the morning. Sometimes I make Al & Beth laugh -- they think I am pretty silly when I lie around and "Wegman". (This is named after the photographer that takes those artsy photos of his Weimeraners in extrodinary poses) I am very good at it (maybe this is a Weimeraner breed trait -- like being stubborn.), and I do it alot...

Radar Wegmaning

Here I am "Wegmaning"

I hang around the office pretty much all day, I love to be right with Beth & Al -- I mean, right next to them. I lie on the floor at or on the feet of whoever is at the computer and sometimes I even try to get up in the chair with them (I don't fit very well, but even if half of me is falling off, it's still great). I love Al & Beth very much!!! Sometimes Al takes me out to the shop. It's neat out there. He is always busy doing stuff. The coolest place in the shop is just outside the open doors. On a nice sunny day - I can be found sunning myself on Al's big welding platen. It's in a great spot where I can see everything. When I get too hot I go inside and lay down - then when I get too cold I go back out in the sun again. Then when I get too hot I go inside and lay down - then when I get too cold I go back out in the sun again. Then when I get too hot............... :-)

Probably the most wonderful thing I love to do is to go for a ride. It doesn't matter if it is a ride to town or a long trip, I just love to stick my nose out the window and take in all those wonderful smells. I especially like to go out in Al's new Ranger boat on MY lake. I love to stand on the front deck with my ears flapping in the wind.

Radar on sentry duty

Here I am on sentry duty... I did turn out to be a handsome fellow didn't I?

There is one special highlight every day, here at the office. It's when Jerry the UPS man comes to pick up the weather vanes we have packed to be shipped. He is so great... I just go nuts and can't help myself sometimes, because I know he might have a cookie for me! I can even recognise any big brown UPS truck when I am out for a ride. But they never stop and give me a cookie though...

I do love to have company come and visit -- I just love everybody. Beth thinks I would make a real good "Therapy Dog" (the ones that visit hospitals and nursing homes to make people happy just by visiting them). I think she is right, I would love to go around and visit all those nice people, but right now I get a little too excited sometimes. Al says that maybe I could try it when I am a little older. I can't wait! For now I will just have to be happy managing the business and watching and listening for boats that go by. And, maybe an occasional visit from my neighborhood dog buddies...{short description of image}

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