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After 33 years in business and 25 years on the Web

I have laid down my hammers. I am RETIRED!

This website will be left up for sentiment, reaserch and educational purposes.

I am now Working about The Father's Business at:


Alfred H. Denninger, a blacksmith since 1974, and his wife Beth have combined their interest in American history and their skills in wood and metal crafts to create their unique company. Since 1988, the Denningers have been decorating the finest buildings throughout the United States and six continents around the world with their American Folk Art.

Many of the techniques which Al uses in his shop have remained unchanged since the 18th century. His talent lies in his ability to combine these primitive techniques with state-of-the-art technology. Beth and Al keep an extensive library and photograph file of antique rooftop embellishments and continually study architecture and design. The Denningers work carefully to create the decoration which best reflects the client's lifestyle, the personality of a home or business or the accurate restoration of an historic building.

Made in the USA
100% of our weather vanes, finials and components are proudly Made in America.
Our interest is in the highest possible quality. We will not sell any imported imitations.

Click here for a list of the dozens of magazines, newspapers and periodicals that have featured Denninger Weather Vanes & Finials.

Our latest article:
"HOMESTEAD" Published by John Deere and Company - Winter 2011 Volume 10, Issue 5, p.27



History of Weather
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